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Jueves, Julio 26th, 2012

Can we come to an agreement?

There were days where JS, CSS and Ruby programmers where each other sat in different tables and in each table we were using different naming convention and it was not a problem.

Well, times have changed, and now there is not three tables any more, we have put the three tables side by side building an only one web developer table, but we still keep the three different naming convention. Which is very damaging for our flabby brain.

I’m moving my text editor from the CSS file to the JS file and back to the Ruby one, and I have to say that my tab changing is very much faster than my mental change. If naming things wasn’t hard enough now we have to switch continuously between formats.

  • CSS: variable-name (hyphen case?)
  • JS: variableName (lower camel case)
  • Ruby: variable_name (snake case)

And when I start seeing things like this:

    $( ".time-ini" ).html( this.timeIni ) ;

I feel very nervous. So please let’s come to an agreement, what about a non-binding poll for starting:

Let’s move CSS, JS and Ruby naming convention to free polls 

I’ll really would like seeing someone with community authority telling something about this.

Note: I know the variable-name option is not possible in JS neither in Ruby but I keep it in the poll for consistence with the article.

Note2: Also I know that the CSS attributes will remain variable-name style, and there is not much we can do about this.

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