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Coding on New York City

Coding on NYC

It’s done, I’ll be traveling with my angel to New York City next October. It won’t be a very short visit: 3 months. All the Autumn on New York.

I’m very excited, very stressed and very nervous, I know not one of this sensations is a pleasure sensation, but this is my way, I am a guy that likes to feel at home, and NYC is definitely not my home. But I know at the moment I’ll know where the bakery is and a good place to take a relaxing coffee I’ll start to feel at home.

This is a very great experience, a personal one, but I’ll like to turn it on an important professional experience too.

I don’t want to make telecommuting on NYC, I don’t want to work at home. I can to keep working for my actual clients on the same way I am doing it here on my house at Mallorca (Spain), but I need something different, I want to work close to other coders, I want to work close to New Yorker coders.

I have spoken with the managers of one of my most important actual projects, and the development team I am deeper working with: LaCoctelera, I exposed my concerns and they are absolutely agree with me, I have to take this opportunity, I will stop coding and committing for this project for a while, and on my return we will see if I am still helpful for them.

So now I have time, but I don’t have any idea if my skills will be desirable there on USA.

What I’m looking for is kind of simple: a Ruby on Rails project, with a development team of at least three persons, with hi coding level, comfortable office space, where a ten agile fingers and a bright mind could be helpful.

The money is not a problem, I’m chasing the experience and the knowledge I could acquire, so if your budget is not weight but your team is amazing I would be proud to work on it. The contract isn’t a problem either, as a Freelance I own my own software company, so this’ll be not a employment contract but a international companies relationship.

But if I can’t access to any kind of refundable job I am also opened to volunteer work.

If you know or are part of something like what I am looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

7 Comments to “Coding on New York City”
  1. Jesús Navarrete Says:

    Good luck on your adventure!!

  2. Jaime Iniesta Says:

    Hey, best of luck and experiences there! We’ll miss you on november by the Conferencia Rails in Madrid, but you can’t be everywhere at the same time!

    Have fun.

  3. fguillen Says:

    thx @Jesús Navarrete :)

    @Jaime Iniesta: yap!.. not assisting to ‘Conferencia Rails in Madrid’ will be a shame :/

  4. Javier Vidal Says:

    Good luck !!

  5. Fernando Guillen, a Freelance Web Developer » Blog Archive » Conferencia Rails 2009, just around the corner Says:

    […] software development as an artistic expression « Coding on New York City […]

  6. Web Development Virginia Says:

    I know not one of this sensations is a pleasure sensation, but this is my way

  7. Penegra 100mg Says:

    Some people are finding the right way to achieve their goal. You also did a wonderful job in the New York. All the very best for you dream.

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